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February 2017

Brainfeed school excellence awards 2017

Fitkids sponsored the Brainfeed school excellence awards 2017 Fitkids also moderated an interactive Pannel discussion on "Bringing Global Best Practices to Indian Classrooms

November 2016

GAIT Festival 2016: My Space My Body

GAIT Embarked on one of its biggest initiative to connect with kids across the country. Through ‘My Space, My Body’, GAIT hopes to empower children by giving them a better understanding of the interplay of body and space.The GAIT Festival 2016 was successfully conducted at the The Music Academy in Chennai, India. The children delivered some breathtakingly awesome performances. Chief Guest Anita Ratnam the contemporary classicist, delivered a powerful talk on why creative movement education is required right from a young age. The participating schools were St Britto's Academy, Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School, Vidyaniketan Matriculation School.

My Space My Body
My Space My Body
My Space My Body
My Space My Body

GAIT News Clips

March 2016

Mediated Learning – Strengthening Every Child’s critical thinking

A work shop on Mediated Learning Experience was conducted by Dr. Mandia Mentis on the 11 and 12 March’16 in Chennai . Dr. Mandia Mentis is an Associate Professor in the Institute of Education at Massey University, New Zealand, where she coordinates the national Postgraduate Special Education program. Her teaching and research interests include dynamic assessment, cognitive education and e-learning. Her work with the Feuerstein methods spans more than 25 years, as a practitioner, trainer and researcher in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Mediated Learning
November 2015


CMTAI is an independent, non-governmental organization that brings together practitioners, trainees, beneficiaries and supporters of creative movement therapy (CMT) across India and the globe for the well-being of society. CMTAI’s Annual International Conference is a platform for knowledge-sharing, practice, networking and promoting the interests, education, research and benefits of Creative Movement Therapy (CMT)

Tanvi Bajaj, programme head of GAIT delivered a presentation on Laban Movement Analysis and Notation: Observing body movements in their natural environment. Laban’s approach emphasizes on understanding body, its movement, usage of space along with interconnections. Focussing on both, macro movements and micro, subtle movements like breathing, this work helps in breaking down the body in motion and revisiting the basics of movements.

October 2015

The Book Launch of ‘ My Space My Body ’

The Lightroom Bookstore on a fine sunny Saturday morning, was the launch pad for GAIT’s wonderful book My Space My Body . My Space My Body is the first of many in the series of books intended to help children look around them and understand how to live in greater harmony with all around them.The book explores the idea of personal space and the vibrant world of movement around us, through the eyes of the very loveable characters Takka and Dimi.
JUNE 2015

GAIT Collaborates With GLOBAL WATER DANCES & The Children Of Lakshyam School

On June 20, 2015, people from over seventy locations across six continents will assemble to revere, renew, and inspire solutions for our precious resource of water. Dances begin in the Pacific Rim and roll westward through the time zones. Sydney, Savar (Bangladesh), Tel Aviv, Cairo, Athens, India, Gburma (Ghana), Warsaw, Berlin, Buenos Aires, New York, Bogota, Lima, Mexico City…just a few...
JUNE 2015

Celebrating Global Water Dance Day - 20th June 2015

People from over seventy cities across six continents assembled to revere, renew, and inspire solutions for our precious resource of water, through the medium of dance - celebrating Global Water Dance Day. The day was celebrated in India, with a 10-minute choreography, to raise awareness of water issues in Delhi. The choreographers are movement specialists at GAIT (Grooming Artistic Innovation and Talent), while the dancers are 50 young children from the Lakshyam School, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.

Spread the word!! Water is our most precious resource!!!

JAN 2015

Early Childhood Education Global Conference 2015

GAIT played an eminent role in the 5th Education World Early Childhood Education Global Conference 2015, convened in Mumbai on January 23. The conference attracted enthusiastic response from over 265 promoters, principals and teachers of India's top-ranked pre-primary and K-12 schools. The objective of the conference was to highlight the critical importance of early childhood care and education. As the key note speaker, GAIT CEO Preeti Sunderajan spoke about the importance of holistic learning for the age group of 3-6 years. In essence, the GAIT programme acts as a catalyst bringing forth the importance of creative movement in education, urging academia to include it in mainstream education.