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How To Calm Hyperactive Children

  1. If you want your child to be calm, you need to remain calm.
  2. Maintain a healthy diet of foods that do not have sprayed pesticides or injected growth hormones or
    How To Calm Hyperactive Children_Poster-01
    Calming hyperactive Kids

    steroid. Check labels for anything that contains high fructose corn syrup as it has been implicated in harming brain functioning

  3. Negotiate for right behavior.
  4. Studies show that performing vigorous activity can calm hyperactive children.
  5. Engaging in creative activities can help calm hyperactive children. This enables them to develop their creativity and release excess energy
  6. Try massaging temples, rubbing shoulders, massaging the scalp, or lightly running fingers through hair to calm a hyperactive child.
  7. Stick to routines. Make certain children know what is expected of them and the consequences for not abiding.
  8. Try creating a “Quiet Box”, “Boredom Box” or “Quiet Room” that provides creative outlets for a hyperactive child. This room should have soothing lighting and paint The room should have expected behaviors depending on their labels and not creative outlets.
  9. Try some soothing aromatherapy scents (Like lavender, sandalwood, rose) that have been shown to help calm hyperactive children.
  10. Use soothing music or sounds to calm hyperactive children.
  11. Calmly explain why your child needs to settle down such as “If you jump off the bed you can hurt yourself.” It is not a debate, state it simply and do not get into a challenging debate.
  12. Divide tasks into smaller components and calmly repeat instructions.
  13. Avoid whatever may trigger their hyperactivity.
  14. Get enough sleep. Children 1 to 3 years old typically require 12 to 14 hours of sleep, 3 to 6 year old kids should get 10 3/4 to 12 hours of sleep, children 7 to 12 years of age need 10 to 11 hours, and 12 to 18 year old kids need 8 ¼ to 9 ½ hours of sleep daily.
  15. Engage in self care. Monitor your own your own frustration. Your projected energy has a direct effect on your children and environment, so you must take care of yourself before caring for others.

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